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New Zealand Airbrush Academy,  was established to service the needs of Adults and

Children, who want to learn airbrushing

 but cannot afford to pay exorbitant prices for the privilege that  other airbrushing  schools charge.

We also sponsor underprivaleged children and adults to do our courses

We saw there was a need in New Zealand for a New Zealand owned and operated Airbrush School and have an airbrushing school that people can afford and teaches more than just portraits.

The Academy is situated in Burnside, Christchurch ,New Zealand.


It is the aim of NZ Airbrush Academy to service this need by,

Making all courses free,

And only charging a small fee for material costs.

Teaching all the airbrushing techniques from the 70's to today, as a lot of these techniques have been lost

No other school teaches the early techniques through to the latest techniques.


We have a very diverse selection of courses to choose from .


New Zealand Airbrush Academy is  a  New Zealand distributor of DNA Trident

Water based Airbrushing product. New Zealand Airbrush Academy is dedicated to, offering affordable,  high class courses to

Adults and Children, that cover every aspect of airbrushing and caters for students with all types of needs and abilities.

We are proud to use Harder & Steenbeck Airbrushes